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InsightFive22 offers consulting services to businesses and communities around strategic planning, disaster recovery, economic development and sales management

Meeting and Group Facilitation

InsightFive22 has sought-after facilitators with a knack for keeping groups on track. They have experience in guiding organizations through strategic planning, implementation, and business building.  Their work has ranged from leading peer groups, facilitating advisory councils and planning and leading community recovery efforts.

Public Speaking

InsightFive22 Associates have spoken across the country to groups on topics particular to their expertise including:

  • Long-term community recovery
  • Joplin, MO Tornado Recovery
  • Federal and State Grant Programs and Administration
  • Sales and Sales Management Training

Preparedness and Recovery Training

Disaster preparedness is often on the back-burner for communities and organizations but is the necessary foundation for returning to operations more quickly after a disaster. InsightFive22 can  provide thought leadership, training and real world experience to equip your community or organization to respond strategically to any kind of disaster situation. As part of that training, InsightFive22 offers a curriculum for non-profits that want and need to be prepared to support their clients and community following a natural disaster.

InsightFive22 also has experience in CDBG training as well as economic development training for community developers.



Technical Documentation and Training

InsightFive22 associates have a strong skill set in writing, compiling, and editing policy manuals. We have experience in curriculum development and training as well. We understand the importance of clear communication instead of techno-speak and frustrating pages of acronyms.  You'll find the help you need to communicate with stakeholders in a meaningful fashion.

FEMA Instruction

Jane is an adjunct instructor at the FEMA Emergency Management Institute for the following classes:

  • E0210/L0210: The Role of the Local Community After a Disasater
  • E0930/L0930: Community Specific Integrated Emergency Management Course (CSIEMC)

Sharing Disaster Recovery Experiences

Communities receive excellent support during the response phase and the early phases of recovery. However, the stress of long-term community recovery continues far beyond the time that FEMA and other federal and state agencies are present. There are extraordinary financial pressures that include raising and allocating limited dollars among legitimate competing needs as well as the complexity of dealing with federal programs. There are organizational stresses that come from exponentially increased demands and workloads. Rising above them all is the pressure to recover and return to normal – however that may be perceived.
If you're part of a community that has been impacted by a disaster and feel these same kinds of pressure, please contact us.

What Clients say about InsightFive22

Preparedness Training

InsightFive22 consultants bring a wealth of accumulated life and career experience to their work. They create an engaging, personable atmosphere for in-person trainings, backed by in-depth, energetic preparation. Their diverse perspectives present great opportunities for flexible, customized resiliency and preparedness consulting.”

— Louise Knauer, Senior Vice President, Community Foundation of the Ozarks


Strategic Planning

"Over the last several years our leadership team has worked with Jane on a quarterly basis to facilitate our strategic planning sessions. Jane has been extremely effective in facilitating  these sessions with us - both in person and virtually.  I would highly recommend Jane as a facilitator and strategic coach."

-Meara Boling, Arctic IT

Recovery Insights

“The insight Jane Cage brought to our organization during our Recovery Planning Project has been paramount to the planning process.  Her knowledge and presentation in regard to disaster recovery is beyond measure.  Jane is a true soul who has forever changed the way our community plans and prepares for disasters.  Her friendship is a cherished commodity.”

-Michael Lewis, York County Government

Jane Cage (Louisiana Symposium) 9

Public Speaking

Your speech in Iowa was very moving for myself, as well as for other students from Central Michigan University. It was the way you described the devastation, the emotion in your voice was captivating. You put the audience at the conference in Joplin on that day and painted a picture to not just myself, but everyone in that room.